On a new “Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People,” Cherokee Nation citizen and falconer Curt Cearley tells us why he’s passionate about protecting birds of prey, plus we sit down with author Jessica Mehta, who turned a love for the written word into a successful business. We go on the road with touring red dirt musician Wayne Garner and look at the life and prolific writing career of the late Robert Conley, a Cherokee Nation citizen.


OsiyoTV joins Red Dirt and country musician Wayne Garner on the road and in Los Angeles, where he tells how his musical inspiration comes straight from the pages of his life and his Cherokee roots.

Curt Cearley has been interested in wildlife as long as he can remember, and his profound respect for birds of prey led him to start the RISE Raptor project. For him, educating others on the importance of conservation ties with understanding the role these birds play in tribal cultures, including his own.

Poet and author Jessica Mehta turned a love for writing into a business, but writing also helped her through the toughest moments in life. She tells OsiyoTV how words shaped her past and guide her present.

The late Robert Conley came to prominence as the author of Cherokee-inspired novels and works in the 1980s. A lover of history and poetry, Conley is known for producing some of the most definitive works on Cherokee Nation history, including 2005’s “The Cherokee Nation: A History.” The beloved writer is the subject of a moving new “Cherokee Almanac,” coming soon to “Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People.”

Cherokee Charter Immersion School student Julius and speaker Betty Frogg teach us the Cherokee way to say the useful declaration “”I’m hungry.”

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