On this episode of Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People, baller Lindy Waters III shares what it means to bring Indian ball to the NCAA. Cherokee National Treasure Vivian Garner Cottrell takes us inside a canebrake in search of the perfect basket making materials and U.S. Navy veteran John Cockrum recounts his tour of duty on a submarine during World War.


Lindy Waters III is a basketball standout playing for Oklahoma State University. As a Cherokee and Kiowa ball player, Lindy takes pride in being a role model for young Native American players.

Vivian Garner Cottrell is a Cherokee National Treasure for basketweaving. We accompany her to a canebrake as she gathers the river cane she needs to turn raw nature into beautifully woven traditional baskets.

John Cockrum is a U.S. Navy veteran who fought aboard a submarine during World War II. After the war, he dedicated his life to education and has even been referred to as a “once in a lifetime” kind of educator. Now in his 90s, he speaks to younger generations in hopes of inspiring them to keep patriotism alive.

Ezekiel Starr was one of many Cherokees swept up in a civil war of sorts between two tribal factions known as the Ross Party and the Treaty Party. It was an internal tribal dispute that lasted decades following the Indian removal known as the “Trail of Tears.”

Join Cherokee speaker Betty Frogg and Cherokee Immersion Charter School student Alayna to learn Cherokee. Phrases in this lesson: “Hello, my name is,” and “This is my friend.”

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