On this episode, Meet Stoney Stamper, the “Daddy Diaries” blogger and author who finds humor in the little things. Woody Hair welcomes us to a traditional Cherokee hog fry along the creek where friends are like family, and Arkansas park interpreter Sasha Bowles shares how her Cherokee roots influence her daily life and the lives of park visitors.


When country boy Stoney Stamper found himself surrounded by girls, he made light of his situation on social media. His musings struck such a chord, he now runs a successful blog and just had his first book published.

Born and raised in the Cherokee Nation, Woody Hair exemplifies all that it means to be Cherokee. A first language speaker and traditional hog fry chef, gatherings at Woody’s place hold a special place in Cherokee culture.

Sasha Bowles is a park interpreter at Arkansas’ Lake Dardanelle State Park, where she teaches visitors about nature, history and her own Cherokee connection to the area.

“The End of the Trail” is probably not what you think. In this Cherokee Almanac, we explore the many stopping points for Cherokees at the end of the infamous Trail of Tears.

Cherokee Charter Immersion School student Tucker and speaker Betty Frogg teach us the Cherokee way to say “Hello my name is,” and “I don’t know.”

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