On this episode, U.S. Coast Guard helicopter pilot Nicole Webber is living out her childhood dream on one of the country’s most challenging coastlines. Author Brandon Hobson talks about his novel “Where the Dead Sit Talking” and being nominated for the National Book Award. And Cherokee actress and activist Candice Byrd shares her passion about Native American representation both on stage and off.


Nicole Webber is a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter pilot in Coos Bay, Oregon. A self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, she never lost sight of her childhood dream.

Brandon Hobson is a Cherokee storyteller sharing his knowledge through literature. As a celebrated author, he hopes his latest book adds even more context to Native American issues.

Candice Byrd is a Cherokee actress and activist always looking for Native representation on stage.

As the first secular school west of the Mississippi River, the Cherokee Male Seminary symbolized the spirit of resilience and ingenuity of Cherokee people. Understanding that education was key to raising up a new generation, the school was created to prepare young Cherokee students for university as well as ground them in their culture and heritage.

Cherokee speaker Betty Frogg and Cherokee Immersion School student Emilee teach us the Cherokee phrases “Hello, my name is,” and “I am Cherokee.”

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