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Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People is a groundbreaking series inviting you to discover the rich traditions and compelling modern advancements of the Cherokee people told through a documentary lens. The edutainment show features the people, places, history, language and culture of the Cherokee Nation, the largest federally recognized tribe in the US with more than 460,000 citizens. Cherokee culture comes alive through episodes featuring topics like ceremonial turtle shell shakers, buffalo grass dolls and basket weaving. Come along for adventures as we present the exciting lives of Cherokee people, taking you along with a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter pilot, scuba diving with wounded warriors and traversing the wilderness in search of Cherokee Bigfoot. They are Cherokee stories, told by Cherokee people. 

These are the voices of the Cherokee people.


Sharing the authentic values, beliefs and what it means to be Cherokee preserves our tribe’s traditions and culture and shows the world who we really are, while empowering new generations of Cherokees to keep moving forward. 


Cherokee Nation has its own unique history that, many times, is not taught in schools or in history books. Each historical story presented on OsiyoTV is factual and based on cultural, historic and academic research.


Language is intrinsic to expressing culture. From identity to tradition, learning the Cherokee language is a great way to be involved in the unique culture of our tribe.

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2016 Best Documentary  |  Remember the Removal Ride

2017 Best Historical/Cultural Program Segment  |  Andy Payne and The Great American Footrace of 1928

2017 Best Arts and Entertainment Program  |  Artists

2018 Best Narration  |  Jennifer Loren

2018 Best Director  |  The Girty Family: Singing Family Heritage

2020 Magazine Program – Feature/Segment   |  Driven to The Sky, US Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot Nicole Webber

2020 Magazine Program – Program/Series/Special  |  Season 5, Episode 10

2020 Informational/Instructional – Feature/Segment  |  A Pow Wow Education

2020 Magazine Program – Program/Series/Special  |  Season 5, Episode 8

2021 Informational/Instructional – Long Format Content  |  Season 6, Episode 4

2021 Magazine Program  |  Season 6, Episode 1

2021 Nostalgia – Short Form or Long Form  |  Season 6, Episode 5

2021 Art/Entertainment – Long Form Content  |  Season 6, Episode 2

2022 Informational/Instructional Program  |  Season 6, Episode 7

2022 Magazine Program  |  Season 6, Episode 8

2022 Human Interest Program  |  Season 6, Episode 9

2023 Environment/Science – Long Form Content  |  Season 7, Episode 7

2023 Arts/Entertainment – Long Form Content  |  Season 7, Episode 6

2023 Historical/Cultural – Short Form Content  |  A Fire for the Future: Cherokee Storyteller Whitney Roach

2023 Informational/Instructional – Long Form Content  |  Season 7, Episode 9

2023 Magazine – Long Form Content  |  Season 7, Episode 2

2023 Societal Concerns – Long Form  |  Season 7, Episode 3

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Jennifer Loren


Jennifer Loren, a Cherokee Nation citizen, is an Emmy- award winning journalist and filmmaker. She is co-creator, executive producer, host and a director. Jennifer has been nominated for more than 30 Emmys and has been awarded 10 of those.

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