In this episode, we meet Cherokee angler Dakota Page, a three-time Bassmaster High School All-State Fisherman. We watch as Brynlee Good Voice, a female high school standout on the wrestling mat proves girls have just what it takes to win. Cherokee National Treasure Mike Dart shows us how a peaceful mind and knowledge of natural materials leads to award-winning baskets. In our Cherokee Almanac, we visit a painful time in Cherokee history not often discussed, the removal stockades and imprisonment of Cherokees by the federal government leading up to the Trail of Tears.



Dakota Page, Positivity through Bass Fishing

Cherokee angler Dakota Page is a three-time Bassmaster High School All-State Fisherman. He shows us that fishing is always a positive venture regardless of whether or not he catches anything and how he makes that his life’s motto. 

Brynlee Good Voice, Warrior on the Mat

Brynlee Good Voice is a high school standout on the wrestling mat, never backing down just because she’s a girl. Thanks to her leadership and strength, she stands as an inspiration to those young girls who see themselves on the mats one day.

Cherokee Basket Weaving with Mike Dart

As a Cherokee National Treasure for his basket weaving, Mike Dart finds inspiration and materials out in nature. He shows us how keeping a peaceful mind can help produce tremendous works of art.

Cherokee Almanac: Removal Stockades

Although many people are familiar with the Trail of Tears, a great deal are unaware of the events that took place directly before Cherokees’ forced removal. We take a look at the events leading up to the Trail of Tears and the actions of the federal government that can no longer afford to be overlooked.

Let's Talk Cherokee

Cherokee Language Immersion School instructor Betty Frogg and student Hoyt Collins talk Cherokee and teach us the following Cherokee phrases: I am working, Two of us are working, A group of us are working.