Storytelling is an art form mastered by Cherokee National Treasure Choogie Kingfisher with his own brand of Cherokee humor. When Cherokee Chef Nico Albert isn’t fronting her metal punk band, she’s in the kitchen learning and cultivating ancestral ways of cooking. Sonny Sixkiller is a Cherokee football legend to Washington Huskies fans. We hear how his Cherokee roots shaped his career and how he continues to give back to his community. We also take a step back and hear the story of Judaculla Rock and the message he left in stone for many Cherokee generations to come.


In the Cherokee Nation, we rely on storytellers to carry on our oral traditions and stories. Each storyteller has their own way of passing on that knowledge and Choogie Kingfisher is sure to win over hearts with his unique brand of storytelling, infused with a little bit of Cherokee humor you won’t find anywhere else.

Cherokee Chef Nico Albert learns and cultivates ancestral food ways in many dishes she creates bringing her food to the next level. And as the singer of a metal band in her spare time her whole life is next level.

Sonny Sixkiller is a living legend in Seattle to Washington Huskies fans where his reputation as a Native American athlete is still larger than life. Today, Sonny uses his fame to give back to Pacific Northwest communities.

For those who share the legend of Judaculla, they say it’s one all Cherokees should hear. The oral history comes from a time before European settlement on this continent and guided the ways of life for generations of Cherokee people. This is a story, that for many Cherokees, had been lost through time and distance.

Cherokee Language Immersion School instructor Betty Frogg and student Ashlyn Fullerton talk Cherokee and teach us the following Cherokee phrases: I am walking; Two of us are walking; A group of us are walking.

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