Season 8, Episode 10

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Will and Charlie

When Cherokee humorist Will Rogers met western artist Charles M. Russell, it began a friendship for the ages.

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Historic Student Newspapers

You may be familiar with the Cherokee Phoenix newspaper and the closely related Cherokee Advocate, but did you know that Cherokee students in the 19th century also published their own newspapers?

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Location, Location, Location

There’s an old saying about buying and selling real estate: location, location, location. The same might be said for choosing filming locations. Here’s why.

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Beyond the Three Sisters

Have you ever considered what your Cherokee grandparents and great-grandparents went through to put food on the table and to preserve it through the winter months?

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New Madrid Earthquakes

It happened this week, 209 years ago. The largest recorded earthquake in American history occurred on Feb. 7, 1812. It’s a mostly forgotten part of

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Time After Time

Osiyo! If you’ve ever heard of “Indian time” but weren’t sure what that means, it’s a reference to a worldview held by many Cherokees that

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What a Year

Osiyo! Like most of you, our OsiyoTV crew is welcoming 2021 with open arms. Looking back over our shoulder at 2020 is a little surreal.

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