On this episode of Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People, learning how to survive in the wild with survivalist/trainer BJ Latta. Meet golf prodigy Harrison Shaw, one of the top-ranked young golfers in the world, and siblings Haylee and Taylor Chiariello – college student Native youth leaders. And, in this Cherokee Almanac, learn about the World War II training facility Camp Gruber.



The Survival Situation with BJ Latta

Spending time outdoors is a way of life for Cherokee citizen BJ Latta. He’s a survivalist and teaches those survival skills to people who want to learn.

Harrison Shaw, Golf Prodigy

Cherokee Nation citizen Harrison Shaw is a championship golfer, recently ranked 18th in the world IN HIS AGE GROUP. Not bad for a kid headed into middle school.

The Future Is Cherokee, Haylee & Taylor Chiariello

Haylee and Taylor Chiariello are a brother and sister duo ready to take on the world. As self-made ambassadors for young Native Americans, they’re building upon their Cherokee heritage to make a difference and create a positive future for others.

Cherokee Almanac: Camp Gruber

During World War II the United States Government built Camp Gruber near Braggs, Oklahoma. The construction of Camp Gruber took a heavy toll on Cherokee families who were displaced in order for the camp to be built.

Let's Talk Cherokee

Cherokee speaker Betty Frogg and Cherokee Immersion School student Mayci teach us the Cherokee phrases “Hello, my name is,” and “Where are we going?”