On this episode, David Crawler teaches the significance of turtle shell shackles in Cherokee culture. Meet professor and blogger Dr. Adrienne Keene and travel to Abu Dhabi to see the global impact of Cherokee Nation Businesses.


David Crawler has perfected the cultural art of making turtle shell shakers, or daksi. Making the shakers is a culturally protected practice as they are used in ceremonial stomp dances and have a special meaning to those who wear them.

Adrienne Keene started blogging to document the many instances of Native cultural appropriation she experienced. As her awareness and followers grew, so did her voice. Her role as a leading activist for many throughout Indian Country has grown while also persuing a career in academia. Now, as a professor at Brown University and co-host of the popular podcast, All My Relations, Adrienne learns that giving confidence and power back to Native students who stand where she once did is her greatest accomplishment.

Growing up in a small town in the Cherokee Nation, Tim Roberts never dreamed he’d travel the world, doing business on behalf of his tribe. Journey with us from Grove, Oklahoma, to Abu Dhabi, UAE, with Roberts and learn why he’s always asking, “What’s next?”

In this Cherokee Almanac, learn how Cherokee Nation citizen Jennie Ross Cobb became the first Native American female professional photographer and how the images she took paint an authentic picture of Cherokee life.

Cherokee speaker Betty Frogg and Cherokee Immersion Charter School student Kyah teach us how to ask in Cherokee the question “What are you doing?”

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