On this episode of OsiyoTV: We travel to the New Mexican desert with two Cherokee Native Explorers, join Oklahoma State University’s women’s tennis coach Chris Young on the court, and hear about Gary Davis’ rise from Oklahoma rapper to Indian Country entrepreneur. The Cherokee Almanac tells of a pioneering female pilot, and the language lesson teaches the words for “home,” “groundhog,” and “September.”


Growing up in Oklahoma, Gary “Litefoot” Davis was told repeatedly “you can’t do that” when it came to his dreams. Instead of giving up, he used that cynicism as fuel to become a successful musician, actor, author and entrepreneur.

Native Explorers is a hands-on outdoor educational program for Native youth who are studying the sciences. We follow along with two Cherokee students as they participate in a field paleontology expedition.

He has revolutionized the tennis program at Oklahoma State University. Chris Young brought the 2015-2016 women’s tennis team to the NCAA final championship game, further than any other women’s sport in OSU’s history.

Madine Pulaski was a lifelong aviation enthusiast who had an active life flying through the skies as an airline hostess, a flight instructor, and air racer.

Learn the Cherokee words for “September,” “groundhog,” and “home.”

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