OsiyoTV sits down with Cherokee National Treasure and basket weaver Bessie Russell, four-time high school state wrestling champion Wyatt Sheets and contemporary artist Ryan Lee Smith. The Cherokee Almanac shows us why some Cherokees emigrated west years before the Trail of Tears and we learn about spring in this month’s language lesson.


Wrestling is is his blood. Following in his father’s footsteps, four time state champion Wyatt Sheets looks to further his family legacy.

Contemporary Cherokee artist Ryan Lee Smith finds inspiration in the objects he finds, and on the land where he lives.

Cherokee National Treasure Bessie Russell has been weaving baskets for forty years; she’s now passing on her art to the next generation.

Learn about the years leading up to the Trail of Tears and why many Cherokees emigrated west before the federal government forced them to move.

Learn to speak Cherokee with language specialist John Ross and Cherokee children.

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