On this episode of OsiyoTV we bring you the stories of three Cherokee Nation citizens, taking on the world. At 99-years old Joe Thornton talks about making bows and arrows as a child and then becoming a world champion archer. Brian Jackson takes us along as he attempts to break his 13th and final world record. And finally, singer-songwriter Kalyn Fay Barnoski captivates us with her voice and tells us how living in two separate worlds influences her art.


Beginning in 1961, Cherokee Nation citizen Joe Thornton traveled the world, competing in archery competitions. Now, at 99 years old, he reminisces about the full life he’s lived… and how he met the love of his life.

Kalyn Fay Barnoski is an up and coming singer/songwriter, pursuing art in many forms. As we listen to her music, we learn about her struggle to fit into two very different worlds.

Twelve time world record holder Brian Jackson has been told he has the strongest lungs in the world. He takes OsiyoTV along as he makes his thirteenth and final attempt to break his own world record.

The Cherokee Nation was the first tribe to own and use a printing press in the 1800s. In this almanac, learn what the press was used for and how it’s evolved over time.

Learn to speak Cherokee with language specialist John Ross and Cherokee children.

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