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Crystal Acuff Walters has 140 skydives under her belt. When she’s not jumping out of planes she finds time for fine art pursuits, creating unique collodion wet plate photographs.

He was an unlikely recruit who is now one of the NFL’s star receivers. Cherokee Nation citizen Wes Welker talks football, family and his newest hobby, horse racing.

Cherokee National Treasure Lorene Drywater has been making buffalo grass dolls since she was a child. Here, she shares her process from harvesting the grass to dressing the dolls in handmade clothes.

The Cherokee Nation has been a part of the Oklahoma School for the Blind since its 19th century founding in Indian Territory. Learn about the school’s roots in this Cherokee Almanac.

Learn key phrases in the Cherokee language with speaker John Ross and Cherokee Immersion School students. This month, the Cherokee words for “July,” “rabbit” and the phrases “Fourth of July” and “rabbit is mischievous.”

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