Episode 305

On this episode of “Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People,” meet Liz Thomas​, slackliner, acrobat and all-around free-spirited Cherokee daredevil; take to the field with Phil McSpadden, who has led his team to win more college softball games than any other coach in history; and get cooking with Cherokee National Treasure Betty Jo Smith, sharing her recipes for traditional Cherokee foods.

Learn about the Cherokee Nation’s contribution to the Washington Monument in the “Cherokee Almanac,” and in the “Let’s Talk Cherokee” language lesson, practice saying “I like this,” “Did you make this?” and “I want to buy it” in Cherokee.



Liz Thomas: Never Too Old to Play

Meet Liz Thomas​: slackliner, aerial acrobat, and all-around free-spirited Cherokee daredevil.

Phil McSpadden, Game Changer

Phil McSpadden went from knowing nothing about softball to leading Oklahoma City University’s team to championship after championship. He now has more wins under his belt than any other four-year softball coach in history.

Cooking The Cherokee Way with Betty Jo Smith

As a child, she learned to cook from the Cherokee women around her. Watch Cherokee National Treasure Betty Jo Smith prepare traditional foods and share a meal and her kitchen secrets with the next generation.

Cherokee Almanac: The Cherokee Nation's Contribution to the Washington Monument

Learn how the Cherokee Nation honored President George Washington in the construction of the Washington Monument.

Let's Talk Cherokee

Learn to speak key words and phrases in the Cherokee language with speaker Anna Sixkiller and Cherokee Charter Immersion School students. This month, Logan learns how to say “I like this,” “Did you make this?” and “I want to buy it” in Cherokee.