Meet Cherokee Nation citizens across the country: scuba dive with wounded warriors in Puerto Rico, learn about the Native fashion designer who revolutionized the art scene in the Southwestern U.S., and visit with generations of family singers in the heart of the Cherokee Nation.

Learn about the far reaching impact of the Dawes Commission in the Cherokee Almanac, and practice speaking Cherokee words and phrases in the language lesson.


Cherokee Nation citizen John Thompson’s lifelong love of the water led him to create a scuba diving nonprofit organization benefiting the lives of disabled veterans.

For generations, the Girty family of Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, has shared and passed down Cherokee songs.

An innovative artist and entrepreneur, Lloyd Kiva New was the first major Native fashion designer, who also revolutionized Native arts education. He was also a Cherokee Nation citizen.

The Dawes Act of 1887 changed the lives of Native Americans forever and established the standards for enrollment in the Cherokee Nation.

Learn to speak key words and phrases in the Cherokee language with speaker Anna Sixkiller and Cherokee  Immersion Charter School students. This month, learn the words to ask “How are you?” and the replies “I am good,” “I am okay” and “I am not good.”

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