Episode 303

Meet Mary Kathryn Nagle, an accomplished attorney and playwright; paddle Oregon’s Willamette River with JoEllen Marshall; catch up with the Professional Bull Riding World Finals winner Ryan Dirteater; and get in the studio with sculptor Daniel HorseChief.
Learn the cattle ranching history of the Cherokee Strip, and practice speaking Cherokee words and phrases in this month’s “Let’s Talk Cherokee.”



Mary Kathryn Nagle, From the Pen to the Stage

During law school, Mary Kathryn Nagle discovered her passion for writing for the theater. She has since become an accomplished playwright and attorney, using her skills to tell the stories of and to benefit Indian Country.

Sculptor Daniel HorseChief, Honoring Cherokee History

Daniel HorseChief’s sculptures can be seen throughout the United States. Hear about his creative inspirations and the legacy he is leaving through his art.

Paddling the Willamette River with JoEllen Marshall

Active in Oregon’s Mount Hood Cherokees group, JoEllen Marshall keeps in touch with her Cherokee roots and stays grounded by taking to the water as a member of a dragon boat paddling team.

Catching Up with Champion Bull Rider Ryan Dirteater

Following up on the Season 1 feature with Ryan Dirteater, OsiyoTV checks in with the pro bull rider after winning the 2016 PBR World Finals event.

Cherokee Almanac: Cherokee Strip Livestock Association

The Cherokee Nation played a part in creating the most influential livestock association in the world in the late 1800s thanks to the Cherokee Strip’s strategic location between Texas and livestock markets in the Midwest. 

Let's Talk Cherokee

Learn to speak key words and phrases in the Cherokee language with speaker Anna Sixkiller and Cherokee Nation Immersion School students. This month, Jayden learns how to ask “Where do you go to school?” He also learns to say “I go to the Cherokee immersion school,” “Where do you work?” and “I work for the Cherokee Nation.”