On the Season 4 Finale of Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People. Ruth Muskrat Bronson an American Indian civil rights activist, a poet and a political influencer. How her leadership shaped American sentiment and Federal policy. Plus, Doctor Melissa Lewis’ work to bridge the gap between health care and indigenous culture. And Harry Oosahwee, how Cherokee language and cultural knowledge influences his art.



Ruth Muskrat Bronson

Ruth Muskrat Bronson was an Indian rights and education activist in the first half of the twentieth century. For decades she worked tirelessly advocating for better opportunities and for social justice for all Native people.

Harry Oosahwee

Harry Oosahwee is a well-known Cherokee artist and first-language Cherokee speaker. As you’ll see, his many life experiences and mentors play a major role in the work he creates.

Melissa Lewis

Doctor Melissa Lewis is a researcher in the field of Native American health care working with indigenous communities to improve health care and wellbeing. Her focus is on cultural practices.

Cherokee Almanac: Cecil Dick

Some describe Cecil Dick as the father of Cherokee traditional art. We take a look back at his life, work and influence on Cherokee artists today.

Let's Talk Cherokee

In this lesson, learn the Cherokee words for chipmunk, nail and more.

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