Episode 109

This episode of OsiyoTV profiles a record-setting high school quarterback, a family keeping crawdad hunting traditions alive and one of the Nanyehi playwrights who has a story of her own. They’re all Cherokee Nation citizens and we’re proud to share ther stories with you.



Setting Records With High School Quarterback Mason Fine

Join OsiyoTV as we profile Locust Grove quarterback Mason Fine.He is a record breaking quarterback and Cherokee citizen.

Becky Hobbs, A Cherokee Crescendo

Join OsiyoTV as we celebrate Cherokee Nation citizen and Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame inductee Becky Hobbs’ outstanding music career. She’s written songs for numerous country artists including Alabama. Hobbs tells us how her ancestry and career eventually led her to co-write the musical Nanyehi, The Story of Nancy Ward.

Forging a Family Tradition: Summer Nights and Crawdad Hunts

Come along with OsiyoTV as Cherokee Nation citizen Larry Shade shows us how he forges his own crawdad gigs the same way his father did. He takes us to the local creek to hunt and we share a meal with the whole family.

Cherokee Almanac: The Emissaries of Peace

A look back to the so-called Emissaries of Peace: the 1762 Cherokee Delegation to London.

Let's Talk Cherokee

Learn to speak key phrases of the Cherokee language with Dr. Candessa Tehee.