OsiyoTV goes trick riding with rodeo performer Haley Ganzel. Cherokee National Treasure Tonia Hogner Weavel tells us the history of the Cherokee women’s tear dress and how creating the dresses changed her life. Finally, we honor Cherokee war veterans as the Cherokee Nation sends them to Washington DC on the 2015 Warrior Flight.


Cherokee National Treasure Tonia Hogner Weavel tells us how she discovered Cherokee history through clothing and teaches us about tear dresses and how they changed her life.

OsiyoTV follows eleven Cherokee World War II and Korean War veterans on the 2015 warrior flight to Washington DC. We hear stories from the wars and what the memorials mean to them.

Rodeo performer Haley Ganzel talks about growing up in a horse’s saddle, overcoming tremendous odds and how trick-riding became her passion in life.

Learn about Sam Houston’s unique relationship with the Cherokees.

Learn to speak key phrases of the Cherokee language with Dr. Candessa Tehee.

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