Episode 101

Cherokee linguist Durbin Feeling is revered by many for his lifetime commitment to saving the Cherokee language. OsiyoTV shares how Feeling has led the effort to ensure Cherokee continues to be written and spoken for generations to come.



Jennifer Loren's Cherokee Roots

Follow along with host Jennifer Loren as genealogists unveil secrets from her Cherokee ancestors.

Artist Roy Boney Jr.

Award-winning artist Roy Boney Jr. creates the unexpected, inspired by the Cherokee language and culture.

The True Story of Ned Christie

History pegged Ned Christie as an Indian outlaw, accused of killing a U.S. deputy marshal, but OsiyoTV found the true history to be more complicated. Find out why many Cherokees still consider Christie not only innocent of the crime, but also a champion of Native people. OsiyoTV goes deep into Adair County to learn why Ned Christie was hunted for years before finally being shot down by a posse in 1892.

Cherokee Almanac: The First Telephone

A look back at the first phone line in the Cherokee Nation and what is now the state of Oklahoma.

Let's Talk Cherokee

Learn to speak key phrases in the Cherokee language.