Kaitlin Mooney


Kaitlin Mooney is an award-winning Indigenous news producer and Cherokee Nation citizen.

Kaitlin brings over 5 years of professional experience behind and in front of the camera. As a journalist, she helped develop one of the first indigenous news shows in the United States. Kaitlin has a strong passion for storytelling and uplifting native voices through media.

Kaitlin specializes in broadcast, news production and social media content management. She earned a B.A. in Professional Media at the University of Central Oklahoma with a minor in Public Relations.

Kaitlin was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and when she is not writing a script or editing video, she spends her time creating her own social media content. She enjoys singing, playing music and spending quality time with her husband and two dogs.

Media Contact

Leanna Reeder

Public Relations Specialist