Something our host, Jennifer Loren, mentioned in a staff meeting this week resonated with me.

Every episode of “Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People” is lovingly crafted by Cherokee people. Around 30-35 crew and cast take part in each half-hour episode. And nearly all of them are Cherokee Nation citizens.

Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. has spoken many times about how important it is for Cherokees to tell our own stories from our own unique perspective. We do our best to embody that vision here at OsiyoTV because we wholeheartedly agree.

There is no other show that has so many Cherokee hands touch it throughout the production process. That means you, the viewer, are assured that what you’re watching is genuine. It’s not someone else’s interpretation of what’s Cherokee. It’s always the real deal.

Take a look at the credits at the end of an “Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People” episode, and you’ll find a long list of the various moving parts that make up a show.

You’ll see directors, producers, videographers, sound specialists, animators and numerous editors. There will often be credits listed for hair and makeup, music, re-enactors and animation. We have to secure the rights to any extra photos or footage that we don’t create ourselves. We are blessed to have wonderful historical and cultural experts who share their knowledge with us. There are drone operators and sound mixers and voice-over talent. And the list goes on. …

And we can’t forget the heart of our show, our host and executive producer, Jennifer Loren, who is herself a proud Cherokee Nation citizen.

All of these folks help ensure that the integrity of a show stays intact and follows a Cherokee viewpoint. Some of it might be surprising and unexpected. And there’s a good bit of humor. That’s about as Cherokee as you can get.

Thank you for inviting us into your homes and lives.