Episode 307

This episode of OsiyoTV features a selection of our Heartland Regional Emmy Award-nominated stories from Season 2.

We visit Lorene Drywater, maker of buffalo grass dolls and whose story was nominated for its original musical composition. We hit the high seas with a story about Adm. Jocko Clark, (nominated for Historic/Cultural Program Feature); sit down with NFL receiver Wes Welker (nominated for Interview/Discussion Feature); and hear about the life and career of Joe Thornton, world champion archer (nominated for Nostalgia Program Feature).



Lorene Drywater

Cherokee National Treasure Lorene Drywater has been making buffalo grass dolls since she was a child. Here, she shares her process from harvesting the grass to dressing the dolls in handmade clothes.

The Patton of the Pacific: Admiral Jocko Clark

Joseph J. “Jocko” Clark was the quintessential Cherokee Warrior – the first American Indian to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy, the “Patton of the Pacific” during World War II, and a four-star admiral.

Wes Welker: Undrafted and Incomparable

He was an unlikely recruit who is now one of the NFL’s star receivers. Cherokee Nation citizen Wes Welker talks football, family and his newest hobby, horse racing.

Archery Legend Joe Thornton

Beginning in 1961, Cherokee Nation citizen Joe Thornton traveled the world, competing in archery competitions. Now, at 99 years old, he reminisces about the full life he’s lived… and how he met the love of his life.