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Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People: Season 3, Episode 1

Posted January 7, 2017 in Episodes, Season 3

In this episode of “Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People,” we meet award-winning newspaper reporter Graham Lee Brewer, who has written about some of the biggest stories to take place in Oklahoma. OsiyoTV follows as he goes in search of his Cherokee ancestors to uncover more of his heritage and identity.

We talk to 13-year-old archer Heaven Cochran, who defies the odds by taking aim at an active life despite severe birth defects to her hands.

Finally, OsiyoTV finds 19-year-old Mason Gray working the way his forebearers did hundreds of years ago. The Cherokee Nation citizen tells why he’s determined to learn traditional crafts and skills and teach them to others.

The Cherokee Almanac recounts the 1785 Treaty of Hopewell, and the language lesson teaches how to talk about age.

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