Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation is the federally recognized government of the Cherokee people and has inherent sovereign status recognized by treaty and law.

For generations, Cherokee people have overcome adversity and excelled. Since the time Sequoyah established the syllabary to the building of a modern-day government, much knowledge has been preserved to ensure the Cherokee people move forward. Cherokee culture is rooted deep in the hearts of Cherokee elders and is passed on from generation to generation. Eye-catching art and voices of storytelling share Cherokee history and culture throughout the Cherokee Nation.

The Cherokee Nation government operates near Tahlequah, Oklahoma, the capital of the Cherokee Nation. The tribe is investing millions of dollars to improve access to quality health care for its citizens. Cherokee Nation has reestablished its home building program, which provides Cherokee families the foundation for success. These are just a few services offered by the tribe that give families reassurance and hope for a prosperous future.

With more than 300,000 citizens, 9,000 employees and a variety of tribal enterprises ranging from aerospace and defense contracts to entertainment venues, Cherokee Nation is one of the largest employers in northeast Oklahoma and the largest tribal nation in the United States.